How to create a seashell heart in 5 simple steps

How to be creative with what you have in New York shore?
Materials: any seashells or shell fragments, decorative sand, pencil, red marker or red color acrylic paint, felt pad, piece from school project board, large clam shell, Elmer’s Glue-All, paper towel.

Step 1. Choose what kind a base you can to use in your project and trace heart shape with a pencil on one of the side of your base.

Step 2. Color your base with red color acrylic paint or Permanent marker. Let its dry for 10 minutes. In my case I chose 3 different bases ( felt pad, school project board and the large size clam shell). If you prefer only natural color make the same steps except color the base. It is my first example.
Step 3. Cut your heart from your board, in case with natural color you can cut only in half from the base and fold it back. You will receive your own stand that will be attach for your heart.seashell-0465

Step 4. Try to find the better place for each your shells or seashell fragment. If you like to repeat my pattern just glue each seashells on your base with multi-purpose glue. Let dry completely.
Step 5. Cover your work with Satin varnish for preserve seashell colors or use polish for nails.
First heart was made with the natural color for seashells and felt pad. Usually this pad you can use for protects floor, furniture from scratches and dents. In this heart were used and decorated sand. You can to put this decorated sand in spaces between the shells. The other side of your felt pad has glue back. If you wish to put your heart on the wall just remove thin paper on the back. In case when you wish to put your heart on the table you can cut the heart only in half from the pad. After that fold your pad to the back. Your heart has it own stand.

Second heart is made on a piece of the project board. In this heart were used Blue Mussel shells. All the shells were glued on the dark surfaces. For the best result you can to color the other side of the heart in red color. Also you can to make a hole in the upper part of the heart. It can be hung on the small hook.
Third heart is made on a Clam shell’s surfaces. On the red colored heart were glued all the different kind shell fragments. It is look like a blooming heart. This heart can be demonstrate with a small size stand.




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