How Seashell Museum was born in Argentina

Everything changed in the life with a gift box containing fifteen seashells, which was delivered to 18-year-old Benjamin Sisterna from his brother in 1932.
The young man began as a seashell collector, his passion created a lifelong fascination with seashells and oceanography. His twenty-six trips around the world in sixty years resulted in a personal nautical collection of over 30. 000 shells, fossils and marine invertebrates.
Benjamin was born in Santa Fe, Argentina, a city, far from Atlantic Ocean, but the last 40 years of his life, Sisterna had lived in seaside Mar del Plata
In 1995, after Sisterna’s death, the Museo del Mar, The Museum of the Sea, in Mar del Plata, Argentina was opened. Situated in an old house which was converted into modern Museum, it displays amazing collections of seashells from around the world and unique works of art. The museum is a popular for its collections of snails, art gallery exhibitions and beautiful aquariums of different sizes.
In September 22, 2000, the Museum was divided into four levels.
The ground floor includes the lobby, which has a map of the world tracing Sisterna’s exploratory travels, aquarium and glass cabinets.
A lower level houses geological displays and is laid out in a hall reproducing a submerged cave with a pond inhabited by smaller marine organisms.
The second floor divided on exhibiting contemporary art and the nacre with seashell collection hall.
The third floor features a photographic gallery of Sisterna’s travels and of oceanography meteorological station and observation deck.

Photographs by Rubén Pascual

Museo del Mar


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