Holistic healing and Swedish Massage with seashells

What does it mean Holistic healing and treatment with seashells?

The seashells have long been highly valued, sacred and respected items. They served as currency in Asia and Africa, are still used for decoration, and have sacred associations with the Hindi god Vishnu and Venus.

Our physical bodies are composed of 70% water (up to 90% for children). Healing with shells that come from the oceans resonates with our own body water such as blood, endocrine, respiratory and digestive juices which is also connected to all bodies of water within our wonderful blue- green planet. That’s why then that we are greatly influenced by the water element. Water represents our emotions. By staying in contact with seashells, we open and activate our intuition and sensitivity. This allows us to be able to express and share our emotions and ideas, we begin to heal ourselves and have a greater impact on others and healing of the planetary family.

The oceans cover 70-80% of surface of the Earth and it is the shells.
On energetic level shells are powerful healing tools for both the physical and ethereal body. Shells resonance makes easy awareness of our nature and brings harmony. They help us understand that we are part of the same stream of life – built of the same elements as air, water rock.
Seashell Healing uses channeled energy in conjunction with seashells to offer a truly beneficial treatment. It is a deeply relaxing and enjoyable experience.
Every species of sea creature has its own message for us that offer guidance for our lives.
How it’s done:

  1. Natural seashells are placed on the body at specific points on our body. This treatment is done with the clothes on.
  2. Energy is then channeled into the body. It works on many levels simultaneously: physical, mental, emotional and the subtle spiritual bodies.

Another of the treatments is a Swedish massage.

The therapist will use cone scallops and fan shaped shells with all their different texture as a tool to work your knots and tension.
The massage therapist could use the shells cool or warmed up in hot water. They might also pour a few drops of essential oils onto the hot shells that have been placed on the body to bring in the added benefits of aromatherapy.
This massage has therapeutic effect on the muscles. The shells can be used to penetrate deeper and if they are warmed up, they can relay tight, achy muscles and offer pain relief. Using the hot shells will also increase blood circulation that will have a ripple effect on the lymphatic system ridding the body of toxins like lactic acid and helping with circulatory problems.
This treatment can also be very relaxing, reducing stress, anxiety and even helping with insomnia.
The texture of some shells can offer a slight exfoliation that will take care of dead skin cells.

There are 6 of major physical and emotional benefits:
1) Eliminates deep-seated pains, traumas and congested energy.
2) Helps clear in appropriate childhood programming returning us to the memory pattern of natural harmony.
3) Improves our feeling of existence by bringing us more fully into the present.
4) Assists in manifesting our goals and holding on to our visions and dreams.
5) A deeply relaxing experience.
6) Expands our state of being mentally awake for helping us to open up to different levels and new understandings.

If you are interested to learn more about holistic healing with seashells I would recommend “The Healing Power Of Seashells” by Daya Sarai Chocron. It is an informative introduction to the remarkable composition and healing properties of the natural and beautiful seashell. Offering readers a complete understanding of the mineral composite of seashells and its significance in healing a variety of human illnesses, The Healing Power Of Seashells draws upon the metaphysical wisdom of shamanic cultures and their use of these sturdy “gifts of the sea” and their exceptional healing abilities.



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