How to make Halloween decoration from seashells in 6 easy steps

Seashells are wonderful materials that nature has given us. It’s fun to make decorations for any holidays especially for Halloween. I like to share with some my ideas that can help you to create your own holiday ornaments from natural seashells and sea stars.
Start now to watch for crafting materials each time you walk down at the seashore. Collect as many varieties seashells as possible when you are at the beach. And, this may well be the last time you throw away seashells when you return after beach!
In first part of the series we will create a witch.


Witch: Getting started

1. Three Clamshells or shell fragments;
2. Black pencil #2;
3. Eraser;
4. Black, orange, yellow acrylic paints;
5. Artist’s brushes;
6. String or cord;
7. White crafts Elmer’s multi – purpose glue;
8. Paper towel

Step 1. Use your imagination to choose three shells or fragments to make together and create the witch’s head with a hat. In my case,
I use two from shell fragments for face and hair and one shell fragment for hat.
Step 2. Don’t forget to make a hole for string in the upper part shell fragment that you choose for hat.
I use Dremel high speed hand-held drill to make a hole or sometimes you can find a shell with hole.
Step 3. Glue all three parts or three shells together. Leave them dry.
Step 4. Take a black pencil and draw the witch’s eye, eyebrow, hair, mouth, teeth and hat’s decoration (spider).
Step 5. Color with acrylic paints everything that you drew with a black pencil. You can use any other color from the paints to decorate your witch. Leave its dry.
Step 6. Put a string throw the hole in the hat.
This is the result of our work:
Halloween witch

Black cat:
Getting started

1. Large size Clamshell;
2. Two small size seashells or shell fragments;
3. Black pencil #2;
4. Eraser;
5. Black, yellow and orange acrylic paints;
6. Artist’s brushes;
7. White crafts Elmer’s multi – purpose glue;
8. String or cord;
9. Paper towel

Step 1. Draw the eyes, nose mouth and whiskers on the front surface of the Clamshell with your pencil.
Step 2. Color with black acrylic paint all spaces between your drawings. Avoid all areas for eyes, nose, mouth, and whiskers.
Step 3. Draw the areas around cat’s eyes with an orange paint over the pencil. Use small in size and narrow artist’s brush. When your painting will dry, continuer to paint inside the eyes.
Step 4. Color a nose and mouth with orange acrylic paint.
Step 5. Decorate whiskers areas with orange acrylic paint.
Step 6. Take your two small seashells or fragments and color them with black acrylic paints. Lay them painted side up to dry. Glue ears to the cat’s head. The decoration can be attached to the wall with the hook or nail because Clamshell has its own depth.
Halloween decoration black cat
Seashells Cat


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