Golf and seashells have a lot in common

Golf is a sport but gathering seashells is a very good outdoor activity too.
Both of these activities are great for the whole family with a kids and friends to enjoy.
People like to play in golf or mini-golf as well as collect seashells on their vacations.
The beach with seashells can sometimes locate in a very close distance to the mini-golf on your vacation paradise and you may drive a golf cart or car and park directly at the end of the street in the beach access.
Both of activities are a great fun and bring positive emotions. Golf and seashell combing can help socialize, avoid loneliness and make a new friends. Both of these activities like people with different age, health, cultures.
Golf can become a career, seashell collecting can turn any seashell lover into shell collector. Both of them have an educational value.
When my kids were in a very young age our favorite game was a Miniature golf (or Mini-golf). It was a fun game that my family enjoyed all together.
After a little while seashells became a great natural material for my artistic expression. In this collection I use a combination with three natural materials: seashells, cork and wood. A great possibilities to use them in a different mosaics have no limitations.
For the my last exhibition I made the golf humorous mixed media mosaic collection with 6 miniatures, size each of them is 8” x 10”:


  1. Golfer.
  2. This is a funny mouse which pretend to be a great golfer which has a full set for game.


  3. Tiger Puss.
    The fluffy Puss decided to play in a golf, but a tiny mouse waves with a white flag and begs not to ruin it house..
  4. Pro golfer

  5. Pro
    Mature and experienced golf player became older. He can’t to walk anymore but have a great wish to play. This game doesn’t have any age limitations. He afforded a very expensive and sparkling golf cart and played from the cart…Even space for golf ball has an extra size because our “pro” has a weak eyes…
  6. dali-19

  7. Brave heart.
    Brave golfer almost finished the game but his 19th ball he had to take from the crocodile’s mouth…
  8. dali-18

  9. True Love…
    Even in bed the real golfer love and take care of his golf equipment only! He gave his hug not to his woman…

  10. Golf lesson
    Funny lesson when an experienced and aged master give instructions to the young lady…


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