Funny video episodes about mollusk’s life

I have collected some interesting video episodes about hermit crabs, sea urchins, mollusks and sand dollars.

Hermit crab don’t have permanent place to live. They usually takes empty seashell and use it as a house. As hermit crabs grow they require larger shells and they on real estate hunting again.
Since suitable intact gastropod shells are sometimes a limited resource, there is often vigorous competition among hermit crabs for shells. Some of them find a nice house for themselves but other still looking.

Mollusks live in different shells. Beach combers and seashell collectors on a beach usually never saw the original owners of seashells. This is because on a beach we find mostly dead shells without any mollusk in it or dead mollusks. On this video we see a strong and healthy mollusk living in the shell.

I never saw a sand dollar alive. Only dead and dry on a beach. It this video you see real life things. How it looks and moves.
This is some Time Lapse video I found on YouTube of a very active Sand Dollar moving across the sand in the afternoon. It has a clump of sand on top of it. They eat plankton and are related to Sea Urchins (they eat sea plants). Some of these Sand Dollars move in a straight line, some go in a circle around and around. Others zig-zag back and forth. They seem to have an exoskeleton but WHAT are they? There is not much information about these creatures and their habits online. Some seem to bury themselves in the sand.

Sea urchin – very interesting and unusual creature. Artists collect dead dry urchins on a beach and use empty shells and spines in their artwork.



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