Miniature original art works with nautical passion and Jewish cultural influence

I fell in love with miniature mixed media seashell mosaic and painting for many reasons…
When I was a child I was very creative, and my allowance was not sufficient to indulge my fancy.
Also, for decades now the memory of whimsical little gems from the best Moscow and Saint- Petersburg museum’s collections has stayed with me.
My third reason is my art studio. It is at the dining room table or sometimes I can travel for looking in any free spot in my appartment.
One the important benefit of working with small art work is that you only need a couple of square feet for creating process. Each of the miniature is a very detailed and unique art work.
I have a very special collection with Jewish miniature original art works and unique magnets made with seashell mosaic and acrylic painting together. I never met Jewish seashell art works before.

Think small. Dream big. Be happy with art works which you select and prefer. Collect originals!

Today I create my tiny original mosaics-painting and magnets with flowers, funny characters, portraits, birds and animals, always bearing in mind that the joy is in sharing these small treasures, so I try to keep the price low enough that anyone will be able to afford it.


All of my pieces are one-of-a-kind, original mosaics and paintings. My medium is seashell, sea glass, Mother of Pearl and pebble mosaic, acrilyc painting and colored inks. My art works can be used in a dollhouse setting, vitrines with easels or displayed on a desk. With the addition of a magnet, they can be the featured piece of your magnetic board or refrigerator magnet collection.



My goal is: art is for everyone, not just for collectors or rich folks or corporations which can afford to decorate their walls. My miniature works of real art are for YOU. I hope you enjoy them.
















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