Creating art with natural seashells

  • Educational kit for any age.
  • Seashell mosaic.
  • Fun for whole year!
  • Not for kids under 5 years old or with an adults supervision!

Remember: seashells are natural, very fragile materials. Each set of shells can be slightly different because of uniqueness of seashells.

Kit available here:

Natural Seashell Educational Art Kit

The goal of this project is teach children about the world of shell animals and mollusk as well as providing challenging and stimulating art lesson. This project may encourage your child to go out and collect seashells and create another beautiful art on his own. People use seashells in art from ancient times and this project allow you to create one simple artwork.

In this project using included materials you child will create a seashell house and glue it to provided base. Then this work can be hanged in his/her room as an art accomplishment.

Here how completed project looks like:


All Materials are included in the kit:
1) frame work is a one complete unit, 15” x  19”, light and ready to hung.
You can choose one of available color – red, blue, green or yellow.
2) set of seashells. (Atlantic Jackknife clam shells: Ensis directus Conrad; Family Solenidae.)
3) educational page about these type of seashells.
4) special cutting shape cardboard for making cottage (Shell house).
5) instruction for creating process.

You need to have also multipurpose Elmer’s Glue and paper towel.

Work can be hang on the wall with a string or pieces of Velcro.

  1. Choose one color of the frame work and use your imagination to find right places for seashells. On your gold color cardboard you can find the numbers. On the inner surfaces of your shells you can see the same numbers.




  1. On your gold color cardboard you already have glued seashell windows. Its make your work easier. Glue all seashells on the cardboard.
  2. Put small amount glue on inside surface of the each seashell. For better result follow the matching numbers on cardboard and seashells.  Glue seashells to the gold cardboard.
  3. After one hour when your shells on the cardboard will be dry you can glue whole shell house on any place on your art work. Be patient, the glue needs a time for dry.
  4. Clean an extra glue amount with paper towel.

You have several extra shells for covering open spaces

Available background colors:






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