Craft Ideas: Simple Seashell Craft Project “Japanese Girl” in 5 easy steps

You need following materials:

1. wood stained or painted red plate about 8×10 in size and half inch thick
2. 9 seashells : 1 clam shell(for face), 4 black color mussel shells(for hair)
3. pectin shells (for head and dress accessories) and 2 small seashells (for dress decoration)
4. General Elmer Glue
5. Paper towel

Step 1. Take your wood plate and position it vertically.
Step 2. Apply a little amount of the glue on the inner surface of the clam shell that you choose for the face.
You can also previously draw on shell eyes, nose, mouse and eyebrows with marker.
Step 3. Glue the face to the middle part of the plate.
Step 4. Apply glue on the inner surface 2 pectin shells and glue them to the wood base. One of the pectin shell
above the face and the other one below the face.
Step 5. Apply glue on the inner surface of the four mussel shells and 2 small seashells.
the mussel shell arrange around the face like a hair and 2 small seashell glue like dress accessories under the face.

Be patient, because the glue will dry at least 35 minutes and for stronger bond leave it overnight.

This is a workshop in the Adult day care center in Brooklyn. The craft project was finished in one hour. All the participants ( 30 people ) finished their work with great success.


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