Cinderella’s seashell shoes for Christmas

Shoes! And… shells! Just imagine!
You can’t see a pair of shoes without thinking of crashing waves, golden sand, and lots of little seashells along the shore. You can find a truly spectacular pair for your holidays!
You have two ways to reach your goal.

The first way is to chose and buy among great selection of designer shoes from the Internet stores. You can celebrate Christmas with Roberto Cavalli chic, high- heeled seashell sandals. Silver leather is embellished with jeweled, enamel seashells and pearls. Vibrant leopard print brings undeniable glamour for your style.It can be a truly spectacular pair for holidays!

cavalli seashell shoes

cavalli seashell shoes

Also several other designers have a really great varieties of seashell shoes for your consideration:
Alaia black leather seashell, t- strap sandals;

Alaia black leather seashell t-strap sandals

Sally seashell ankle boots and the unique seashell pair of shoe with modern semi-rounded toe. High cut back with maximum heel height and silver metallic heel. Exclusively at Stanton James.

Sally Seashell Shoes

Many seashell sandals. These stylish and heavenly shoes designed with ergonomic support and reflexology points allowing you to wear them for hours on end.
Lucy Brown w/ Coconut Flower Seashell sandals

Your second way to receive seashell Cinderella’s pair of shoes is to make them.
Take a pair of regular looking shoes or boots, and then sticking seashells to them, in the manner of a child’s craft project. You can try to do the same just use your imagination, seashells and All Purpose glue. It is not a joke. Share idea with other people . What do you think of the result, though? Christmas season is a magic time. Follow your ideas and believe…

Oyster shell Sarah boots

Designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

The rough texture contrasts wonderfully with the feathers.



  1. Wow! There’s no limit to what you can embellish with shells. Some amazing designs! I might consider wearing shoes like that!!

    Thanks for adding these to Coastal Blog Posts 2010 and the link!!!

  2. Nice shoes. I would totally wear them.

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