Chilling and amazing seashell dolls from Japan

This is really unique and unusual seashell dolls. My first impressions about the collection of dolls is creepy and chilly but these works are very interesting and deeply detailed at the same time. Hauntingly beautiful! Realistic looking! So fantastic! Using of the shells are wonderful! The artist is a very talented person. Her work great, really inspiring, incredible, fascinating and spectacular!

Seashell doll
Maki Hino’s seashell doll gallery reminds of Hans Bellmer because both disturbing and fabulous! She wants to get possible to make a thing approaching in a heart like Bellmer.

Maki Hino was born in Nagano, Japan.
She started making ball-jointed dolls at “Ecolede Simon” with Simon Yotsuya in 1993.
In 1997 Mak Nino continue studied making her dolls at “Pygmalion with Ryo Yoshida.
Now she enjoy to make the dolls with seashells, corals and paper.
Mak Hino made her seashell dolls from the clay of the powder of stone and seashell fragments. She made them with her hands only and never use any mold. Also the artist do not use fire and prefers just naturally dried process. The name of clay which she likes to use is called “artista formo”.
One of her followers tells that these dolls are like grains of memories living in his neurons.
The artist explain that these are poetic memories that you do not want to forget.
“I make my dolls sitting on the corner of my kitchen. The place connects me with the distant world.
I imagine the image that doll have seen, but I don’t imagine in her story. The doll talks to me what she wants to become…
” Her dolls are beyond reality, very other-wordly…spiritual, close to the secret.
seashell doll
seashell doll
seashell doll
seashell doll
seashell doll
seashell doll
seashell doll
The best way to receive more information about ethereal, breathtaking and so different works of the artist is to go on her webside:



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