Blue horse year 2014 mixed media nautical mosaic

This year, 2014 is the year of the blue wooden horse.
This year, those who were born under the year of the wooden horse will be lucky in money as this is a year of financial wealth. It would be an alright year for those born under the year of the Tiger, the Dragon, the Snake and the Boar and a bit better going for the sheep, ox and monkey.

The coming year is filled with elements such as metal and fire and to give balance to it the lucky colors are blue and yellow. Blue represents water and yellow the earth which with metal and fire give balance to the year
This year will be a year of competitiveness and of jealousy but it will also be a one of good relationships. The thing with this year is that it is of the wooden horse which represents stability, power, urgency, stubbornness, narrow mindedness, hostility, perseverance and independence. A good way to balance all this is by using lucky charms such as the Cicada Pendant. This blue lucky pendant helps drive away all the negativities of the year giving you a happy and great year.

The Chinese believe that the spirit of the horse is energetic, bright, intelligent, able and warm-hearted, which is why this year is holds a lot of opportunities for people.

The Chinese believe that in this year, if you are a good and righteous person that does good everything will go smoothly. This is true in every belief, if you are a good person towards others then others will be good to you and you will be able to have a prosperous, energetic and happy year.
I am glad to show my new mixed media mosaic made from Blue Mother of Pearl fragments and Blue mussel shells. This is the seashell nautical expression for the magic Chinese symbol of the year 2014! Be Happy and successful in the New Year 2014!

Also I have my own poetry for the Blue Wooden Horse New year:

Деревянная синяя лошадь всем удачу несет в этот год!
В ожиданьи чудес оживает в год змеи подуставший народ…
Сколько планов, надежд и свершений намечаем – найти бы к ним брод…
В зимнем вальсе снежинок круженья восхитителен солнца восход!

Деревянная синяя лошадь – волшебства уникальный приход!
Важна здесь сохранить не утратя оптимизма особый подход…
Не страшитесь затрат, поражений, на победы положен расход!
У скупца, что живет без вложений – никогда не забрезжит доход!

Деревянная синяя лошадь, к ней быть должен особый подход…
И животному нужно вниманье и конечно достойный уход…
Ей овес Вы на стол положите, ни к чему ей с икрой бутерброд…
И встречайте в зеленом и синем этот новый 14 год!


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