Beautiful Sailor Valentines from modern masters

The story of Sailors’ Valentines evoke romance – majestic sailing ships and long sea voyages, adventures in the New World, and daydreams of loved ones across wide oceans. Very rare and valuable, this octagonal wooden boxes were usually created from Spanish cedar tree or mahogany. Sailors Valentines range in size from eight to fifteen inches per panel. They can be single or double. double it when two octagonal boxes connected. Originally they were made by crafty woman on Barbados between 1830 and 1880. That the time when both American and England ships traveled to Caribbean. Whalers, fisherman and other sailors purchased those magnificent souvenir as token of love to their wives, mother and sisters and usually given after returning from voyage at sea.
Today Sailors Valentines are becoming popular again. Not only antique one, which can fetch tens of thousand of dollars on antique auction, but also made by current masters. Thanks to artists like Sandi Blanda, David Rhyne, Bill Jordan and handful of others, modern Sailors Valentines bring us back to the glory of Victorian era and became beautiful work of art in it’s own right.
Sanibel Shell show one of the best place to see Sailors Valentine’s. You can also purchase them directly from artists at this event. If you far from Florida, you may consider visit Philadelphia, where local shell club has annual Philadelphia shell show and many best Sailors Valentine’s displayed there as well. Please see below some of those magnificent work.

Double Sailor Valentine by David Rhyne

Single Valentine by David Rhyne

Antique style by Bill Jordan

Another beautiful example

It was a tough competition in Valentines category


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