Amazing seashell collection from Museum of Natural History in New York

American Museum of Natural History in New York, one of the best Natural History museum in the world, has the great exhibition of the gifts that the ocean scatters.

Seashells are beautiful to behold, pleasing to the touch, and often filled with the roar of the sea itself. Journey to the sea shell world launches visitors of different ages through the time and space to experience the life and death of the mollusks in the ocean depth. Shells are the outer skeletons of soft creatures known as mollusks. The Museum has a huge collection of mollusks which were found all over the world, in almost every country, on every shoreline, in every ocean.
Shells are a way to study the past. By studying fossils, conchologist have made many discoveries in the rock formations of the earth. The study and use of shell in a science, a hobby, an art form, a means of monetary exchange and an endless wonder. There are over 70,000 different types of shells.
There are big displays of seashell native to Atlantic coast of the United States.
If you interested in seashells, I would highly recommend visit the museum and spend some time in from on seashell displays. They located on first floor, permanent exhibition.

extinct seashell fossil

Seashell from Museum of Natural History

Seashell from Museum of Natural History


Have you been to Natural History Museum lately? Did you visit seashell displays? Did you find it interesting? I would live to hear from you.



  1. seashell collection from Museum of Natural History in New York | Modern Seashell Art by Alla Baksanskaya – just great!

  2. marsha ingram

    I just inherited a mass collection of seashells. My mother appreciated my enjoyment of this collection and left them to me. I have an idea of the value at about $90,000 but only by hearsay. I have no room for all of these and I don’t want to just sell them off. A display in her name sponsored by me would be the best way to show these off. Any ideas?

  3. Really its Superb…amazing…Speechless

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