Holiday Decoration Ideas with Seashells for each Month

I have made 12 themed holiday ornaments specially for Philadelphia Shell Show 2010, annual event in Philadelphia Museum of Natural Science. This work was awarded a First Place in Seasonal Ornaments Division at this prestigious event.
These 12 themed seasonal ornaments can be used for fun and fabulous decoration for whole year holidays and become a unique calendar, eye – catching room accents or everything else you can think of! Each of the holiday ornaments has its own wood base, cover with tiny and exotic seashells and represents month of the year.

Holiday Ornaments

Holiday Ornaments

  1. For January it is Snowman. This famous character I made from white litorina sea shells, his nose – from a fragment of Tellina rostrata sea shell, mouth – from red tiny shells, three bottoms – from strawberry tops shells, also pearl Malabar sea shells and False Caribbean Cerith natural color shells.

    Snowman from tiny white seashells

    Snowman from tiny white seashells

  2. For February it is Cupid- a cute messenger of love. The body made with tiny apple Blossom sea shells, the hair are yellow litorina, mouth-a fragment of Tellina rostrata sea shell, wings-gar scales, and I also used Brachiopod frenulina, Razor clam shells, pearl Malabar sea shells.
Cupid- a cute messenger of love from seashells

Cupid- a cute messenger of love

  • For March it is Clover with four leaves for luck. The bigger size Clover leave I made from green dyed gar scales, but smaller size Clover I created from natural green nerites sea shells.

    Cupid made from seashells

    Cupid - the symbol of February

  • For April it is Rabbit. Whole body of the rabbit is cover with zebra nerites tiny seashells, nose is a fragment of Tellina rostrata sea shell, carrot with greens are tiny red and green nerites sea shells.

    Seashell Rabbit for March

    Rabbit for March

  • For May it is Birdhouse, which made with tiny red shells, also I used green nerites sea shells, round shape Abalone fragments, central cut spiral sea shells, light green dyed gar scales for roof of the house and green dyed fish bones.

    Seashell birdhouse

    BirdHouse for May

  • For June it is Bird – symbol of summer. Ornament made from gar scales, yellow litorina, central cut spiral seashells, tiny orange color scallop seashell, green Limpet sea shell and acrylic painting for wood base.

    Bird for May

    Seashell Bird

  • For July it is Flag – for Independence Day. The materials are red and blue dyed gar scales, also I used a white color tiny Coquina sea shells.

    Seashells American flag

    American Flag for Independance day

  • For August it is Sunflower – time for blooming. In this ornament I used yellow litorina and special Abalone beads for petals, green nerites for leaves, green dyed fish bones for stem, also tiny cut Lightning Dove shells for seeds.

    Sunflower from seashells

    Sunflower from seashells for August

  • For September it is Pencil – this is a time to go to school. In this seasonal ornament I used yellow litorina sea shells, tiny red shells, blue Mussel shells, tiny apple Blossom and False Caribbean Cerith.

    Seashell pensil for September

    Seashell pensil for September

  • For October it is Pumpkin – one of the most popular characters in the Halloween. I used a tiny red sea shells, yellow litorina sea shells, green nerites and also three dimensional black painting.

    Seashell Pumpkin

    Seashell Pumpkin for November

  • For November it is Turkey – for Thanksgiving celebration. This is the one of most colorful decoration in the year. For this ornament I used: yellow litorina shells, green nerites shells, red tiny sea shells, red dyed gar scales, Hawaiian rice shells, also Brachiopod frenulina, Checkerboard Bonnet sea shells, white arc clam shells, and central cut Lightning Dove shells to show colorful bird’s feathers.

    Seashell  Turkey - for Thanksgiving celebration

    For November it is Turkey - for Thanksgiving celebration

  • For December it is Santa – for Christmas. This is the biggest holiday for whole family in the year. Santa was decorated with green nerites sea shells, gar scales, also with Tellina rostrata, white arc clam sea shells and central cut pearl pyramid top sea shells.

    Seashell Santa Claus

    Seashell Santa Claus

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