About Artist

Alla Baksanskaya is a talented artist specializing in designing with natural materials. Her favorite media for artistic expressions are acrylic painting, mixed media seashell mosaic and collage.
Alla has traveled to and worked in many countries in both Asia and Europe and her  art and photography is inspired by the cultures ,food and scenery that she has come across.  She understands that creating art is a pleasure for her. She believes that seashell art should have no boundaries or limitations.
Alla’s style is modern, from abstract flowers to portraits, from mosaics to acrylic or oil paintings and from diptychs to art collages. She often chooses recyclable materials for boarding and framing her work.
Alla gets her inspiration from classic examples of Sea Shell Art. Her goal is to create a unique pieces of work using only natural materials such as sea shells, sea life fragments, various woods and her imagination.
She believes that art should be a medium of expressing herself  focused on the “here and now”, and of her emotional state as she plays with different textures,light, natural materials and forms to create interesting three dimensional or multi-layered effects in her abstract creations.
She is moved by the natural beauty of sea shells and intrigued by the vast and endless ocean where they were found.
They are rich sources for exploration and discovery. Alla arranges them to create realistic and sometimes surrealistic images.
She is exploring the relations between imagination and reality in the natural environment.
Her goal is to create objects that are pleasurable to live with, that bring emotions into someone’s heart.

In art, like in  life she knows that is very important  “Be your self or be nobody…”

Alla’s work has been included in several exhibitions in New York, including Coney Island Art Gallery and in group exhibition at the Brooklyn Public Library. She is a member of Jewish Folk Craft Guild in New York. Several of her work are in private collections in Israel, Russia and Puerto Rico.

Alla Baksanskaya was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, which was then a part of the former USSR.
At only thirteen  years of age, she received a fine Art Award that lead to her first exhibit in a local public library.
By the age of fifteen she received achievement award in Fine Art and had a volunteering job teaching young children in her neighborhood community center.
From 17 to 23, she found her way into Azerbaijan State Medical University where she had exciting opportunity to work in the hospital with newborns.
In the age of 24, after she graduated from Azerbaijan State Medical University with a degree in pediatrics, she start practicing in emergency room of city hospital in Baku.
She believes that things happen for a reason and that her varied and multinational life’s  journey has led her  to a deeper understanding of her art and to a new level of creativity.
Since 1994 Alla has lived in New York City with her family. It is here where she has started to create art full time.

In 2015, Alla opened a successful business, ART Fun Studio, where she teach art classes to kids and adults.