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Unique modern work of art from timeless material
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What I Do

Shells are collected for their beauty and displayed as art objects. Shells used decoratively become conversation pieces. They remind us of the seashore, recreating a tropical mood of sun, malachite sea, palm trees and lush flowers. Shells have been an ever-recurring themes in art and craft since ancient times. From ancient civilizations in Mediterraneans to Victorian era in England to modern times – seashell are always popular due to their natural color and beauty. My goal is to bring this natural, wonderful gift of nature to oyr home in most interesting, artistic way. My style reflect that we live in 21 century and I create 3D pictures of love, relationships, portraits and flowers using thise beautiful material. I hope you will enjoy and fill free to visit my gallery on this website.
Alla Baksanskaya

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What People Say
  • “I LOVED LOVED LOVED all of the pieces in the show. I took photos of all your art and thought Halloween Monster Casino was great I loved the playing cards you made with mother of pearl- but all your pieces are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While I appreciate the sailor’s valentine’s and the time consuming work the other’s made, your art is just so much better i(n my opinion) because it is original , one of a kind and has SOUL and humor.”   Katie Pfeiffer
  • “For most of us, a mention of shellfish may conjure up thoughts of garlicy mussels, steamed Littleneck clams or simply shucked oysters with a squeeze of lemon. Alla Baksanskaya thinks of showgirls, toucans and the personification of evil. It’s not because the Brooklyn based artist is prone to strange imaginings or under the influence of a mind-altering drug, but because she uses seashells to create her unique three-dimensional artwork…” Nadia Arumugam
  • “Great job, Alla. You are so very talented.” Karen Lelli, President of New Jersey Shell club
  • “You are an incredible talent. I can’t remember the last time I was so enthralled by such amazing art.” bolivarbeachbum on Flicr
  • Very bright and emotional art” Donald Dan, Seashell Dealer

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Who I Am

Alla Baksanskaya is a award winning artist  working with natural seashells. She uses colorful seashells, acrylic  paint to create her unique  three-dimensional works of art. She creates mosaic, collages, figurines and other decorative items.  All of those are unique, one of a kind items. Alla’s style is modern, from abstract flowers to portraits, from mosaics to acrylic or oil paintings and from diptychs to art collages.

Alla won numerous awards at prestigious Sanibel Island, FL and Philadelphia seashell shows in 2009 and 2010.

Since 1994 Alla has lived in New York City with her family. It is here where she has started to create art full time.

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